Stop waiting to become successful & be a success today

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One of the problems with the way we think is that we’re usually very future-focused.

This means we’ll often tell ourselves that we’ll only be happy when we’ve hit some target, achieved some goal, or secured some deal ‘out there’ in the future.

This ‘future-focused’ way of thinking also applies to people who wish to lose weight or tone-up who often will tell themselves such things as, I’ll be happy when I’ve lost X lbs”, or “I’ll be happy when I can run X miles in Y minutes”, or similar.

And if that’s the way you’re mind feels like it’s always running for you, then I’ve got to say that it’s not doing you any favours whatsoever.

Whilst I’d be the first to say we all benefit from setting goals and targets, you’ll do so much better in your life when you can accept yourself as ‘good enough’ now.

That’s right, whether you’re overweight, slow, poor, stressed, angry, a loner, or whatever troubles you, unless and until you’re able to accept YOU for who you are RIGHT NOW, then you’re going to have a very hard time making your way towards your goals.

Yes, you might take a few steps in the right direction, however, until you can accept (and love!) yourself for who you are in the present moment, the good stuff isn’t going to happen for you.

Doing this, changing how you think and feel about yourself so you can accept the you that you are right now, isn’t impossible, it just takes some work.

Not tons of work, but it’s something that you will benefit from tremendously, if you’ve found that you’re not closing in on your goals, aims and ambitions, or if you’re hitting your targets, but feeling flat and let down by the results you’re getting.

The video I’ve posted below explains this further.