Stress is something which we can all suffer from every so often.

In this modern life there are many issues that we can find stressful. The problem is when the stressful feelings never seem to stop.

Sometimes we put in place coping mechanisms, tell ourselves that it won’t be forever, or that others have to deal with much more difficult situations. However, the feelings never go away completely, often leaving a nagging feeling somewhere in our body, reminding us of all the things we still have to deal with.

From the moment we wake until the time we go to sleep we feel there are stresses being placed upon us and we have no choice but to simply react to the situations we are presented with.

“It comes with the job”, “But others cope”, “I can’t admit I’m suffering”, “What else can I do?”.

Thoughts like these keep flashing up whenever we throttle-back or slow down for a while, and then we feel compelled to get back to the task in hand, working faster and faster, trying so hard to catch up.

Whilst a small amount of stress is not harmful, too much stress, or stress that is never switched off, can lead to a variety of medical complications and stops us from enjoying our lives.

Hypnotherapy and BWRT® help by letting us understand why the stress is getting to us so much and from that position we can develop new ways of thinking and acting so that we find our stress levels falling back down to sensible levels so our health is no longer affected.

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