Children can often develop a stutter in response to stresses or pressures in and around their lives. Perhaps it relates to family issues, or events around their schooling.

For whatever reason, those patterns of stuttering continue to affect their teenage and adult lives.

As we move through our childhood then our teenage years into adulthood, our beliefs are formed about who we are and what we achieve in the world and it’s during this period that the limitations we feel that stuttering or stammering puts on us conspire to keep us held back from life.

Whilst it is possible for a stutterer to learn techniques to minimise the effects of stuttering, if they are able to release the feelings and thoughts that caused the stuttering to develop, they can find themselves free from its affects any more.
Hypnosis with Hypnotherapy in Peterborough

Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and BWRT® will enable you to release yourself from stuttering and if you stutter hypnosis can help you to overcome this pattern.


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