The HypnoQuit programme helps clients to simply stop smoking

Maybe you’ve arrived at my website because you want to stop smoking; if you have I want you to know that helping my clients to finally quit smoking and become a non-smoker again is one of the most satisfying procedures I use.

Having had members of my family affected by smoking (and I was a smoker too) means I know first-hand how many lies and mis-truths smokers are force-fed so as to keep them stuck as a ‘happy smoker’.

I go into much more detail about what’s incorporated in my HypnoQuit stop smoking programme on my Peterborough Stop Smoking Clinic website and if you’ve not visited there yet, then this video will help you to understand more about the procedure.

I want to Stop Smoking this week

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My stop smoking website explains how the programme will take you, effortlessly, from a stressed smoker, to a happy non-smoker and how the procedure will be tailored to your exact needs and habits.

That being so, if you’re ready to quit, but you’re not sure if HypnoQuit will work for you, then watch this brief video I’ve recorded.

It touches upon the two main reasons smokers give for not trying to quit and I provide you with the answers to both of those lies, showing them for what they are.

When you’re ready to quit contact me. I work with clients face-to-face and also by Skype, Zoom and telephone so there’s no good reason for you to stay a smoker for a moment longer than necessary.

I want to Stop Smoking this week