“But I’m not overweight, I’ve just got big bones.”

Of all the excuses or reasons given by some people to avoid recognising the truth about their “weight issues”, one of the most prevalent is that they are just big-boned.

Because the human body is so very capable at withstanding the long-term damage we put it under, we learn to accommodate and justify how we feel, often simply denying there’s a problem at all.  It’s easier to say we’re big boned, than to acknowledge we’re fat, eat too much and don’t exercise.

With the benefits of modern technology, however, research has finally produced a definitive answer to that idea and has confirmed it to be totally false.  Various non-invasive body scanning techniques have highlighted exactly what’s the biggest culprit, and it’s not bones – it’s fat.

Furthermore, when assessing the differences between the “biggest-boned” people and the smallest, the differences have never been found to show bones are the culprits in the weight gain lottery.  Putting it bluntly; when skeletons are weighed, the variation between the heaviest and lightest, after accounting for age and height, is not sufficient to account for their live weight differences.

If you take a look at the pictures below you’ll see what I mean.

big boned myth

Whilst everyone is a different, height and therefore weight, meaning there’s no “one size fits all”, there is a better, lighter, less stressful size that would be better for you.

And that’s where I can help.

Coaching with hypnosis plus BWRT® could enable long-held but no longer helpful, out of date thinking patterns around eating to be revised.  However, that’s only part of the story.  You also need to prepare yourself for months of regular exercise to allow your body to use up and burn off all the excess fat you’ve been storing-up in those lumps and bumps that have been hiding away under those expanding waistlines and dress-sizes.

Radically enhanced thinking along with improved eating habits plus regular exercise could finally result in a permanently healthier and slimmer you.

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