Want to be more successful, focus on quitting more

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There’s a really great Antiques & Craft Centre in Market Deeping where it’s easily possible to lose an hour or so simply wandering round the various ‘market stalls’ that are set up inside the building.

Here’s the DeepingCentre Facebook page if you’d like to pop over there some time.

To call them just ‘Market stalls’ is a terrible understatement, since each one is set out in a wonderfully themed & curated way.

It’s a place where you can enjoy yourself, whether you’re interested in typewriters, vintage tables, glassware, or collecting books or records, or 101 other items, there’s something for you in there.

And it was whilst wandering around one afternoon a few months ago that I saw this sign & thought it was a perfect metaphor for life!


rehab is for quitters


“Rehab is for Quitters” – Yeah, right!

Sometimes the best way to achieve anything in life is to be bloodyminded enough to just keep on keeping on. (I believe a certain Mr Churchill said something similar a few decades ago).

Sometimes, one of the best things my clients can do is to just keep on, pick a direction … & continue.

I personally know how much time & money can be lost through switching and swapping directions, pick a route and stick to it.

If you’re feeling a bit confused about directions, PM & I can offer you some questions that if you get straight on the answers you may find the right way for you becomes much clearer.

And if you’re looking for some wonderful antiques or arts or crafts items, you know where to go too.