Weight Loss Tip #1


Never Exercise for Quick Results – They Never Last

When I’m working with clients to help them lose weight it’s often that they’ve been trying to make the necessary changes for years but it’s never been successful.

And this usually means they’re desperate to get those changes in place PDQ, as if they want to drop a couple of stone in a couple of weeks, or lose fat & gain as much muscle as some person they’ve seen on Instagram, in just 21 days.

But the part of their mind that’s been getting them to jump from diet to diet, or exercise plan to exercise plan is going to make them quit this too quickly too, unless they change how they think.

So one of the first ideas I’ll discuss with my clients is that we need to take time to make the results they want, and that way they’ll stick.

It sounds simple, but to start with there’s possibly going to be nothing to show for what you’re doing.

For example:

  • You’re no longer eating packets of crisps or biscuits, but change isn’t showing

  • You’re going for a 10 minute walk every few days, but you’re still getting tired

  • You’re just about able to do 5 wall push-ups, but you still feel weak at the end


Each of those mean that you’re WINNING, not that you’re Failing!!

Take your time and work the programme and you will succeed.


weight loss takes time


In a month from now you’ll have been doing those things for 30 days and after 3 months that’s going to be 90 days straight that you’ll have been banking the benefits of incremental change.

Just keep going.

Put out of your mind the ‘quick fix super-abs in 60 seconds’ BS that will be filling your news feeds, they’re playing with your mind and feeding you a lie.

Take your time & stick with it – it’s the most powerful & effective way you can go.