What would you eat if every item of food you ate had NO calories?

Stick with me on this one. I’m being deadly serious.

Say you woke up tomorrow & turned on the television or read in your news-feed that scientists have now discovered a way to allow our bodies to re-calibrate nutrients.

Say they found a new vitamin or mineral that’s naturally produced and when taken daily, the effect is such that nothing would ever have a calorific value ever again.

What would you eat if food had no calories, if all foods simply provided your body with the macros / nutrients it required?

What if all the arguments, all the variations between “should I eat breakfast?”, or “should I never eat X or only eat Y?” or “Can I eat Z after 6 pm?” became irrelevant?

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When in the day would you eat, and how often each day would you eat?

Rather like those children who take part in those experiments where they can eat what they like, (ice-cream, cakes, biscuits, crisps, etc) whenever they like, without being concerned about putting on or losing weight, what would you do?

Just think about that for a while … eating whatever you want, whenever you want, knowing that it won’t change your weight one jot.

And then ask yourself this: How might you feel about food when you are no longer able to use it as a way to attempt to hurt or control yourself?

No longer being able to punish yourself by eating to excess, or by withholding foods so you can, one day, get down to some ‘perfectly thin’ size.

No more “If I eat just half a grapefruit, all’s going to be good today”, or “I’m unloved, so I’m going to eat this whole box of cakes to help me forget that.”

But what if, whether you ate more or ate less, that decision wouldn’t alter your weight by a single ounce?

What would you do then?

What if food lost its power as a weapon, a way to deliver pain and suffering into your body?

What if food had no ‘negative’ aspects to it?

How would that feel?

Notice THOSE feelings … because that’s where your truth lies.

And once that information, those beliefs have been dealt with, you’ll discover a new way of eating, one that’s surprisingly similar to the idea I mentioned at the top of the page.

So what would YOU do if food lost it’s power, its hold over you?