When Jackie found her “reason why” her life changed for the better

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Nothing in our lives ever changes until we want it to change – we must first define why we want to achieve these new results.

And the one thing I’ve discovered, both from personal experience along with working with hundreds of clients across a broad spectrum of issues, is that until we can discover our ‘reason why’, we’ll keep putting off making that change.

Sometimes the reason why doesn’t become apparent until someone else starts to rely upon you, as my client ‘Jackie’ discovered a few months ago.

It’s important to make the goals that YOU set ones that YOU want for yourself and not simply because other people are telling you that you should want them.

Taken to its opposite extreme, I’ve worked with clients who were, on the surface at least, extremely successful; wealth, houses, cars, holidays etc were simply part of their lifestyle.

They were decidedly unhappy, however, because they’d been coerced into a career which their families had told them would be ‘good for them’, but it had taken them many years to realise that they hated what they were doing, but felt unable to change.

In each case during the time we worked together they were able to identify an escape route, a way to transition from their place of emotional discomfort and out to a place that they would find motivating and enjoyable.

I discuss her in my video below & offer some suggestions that you might find helpful if you’re stuck trying to work out your own reason why you should change.

I work with my clients using a blended mixture of techniques to help them achieve the change and goals they seek and my Hypnotherapy and BWRT websites contain additional video, testimonials and information about this.

Comment below if you’d like some help shaping up your reason why; sometimes we can’t see what’s right in front of us.