When my clients are stuck I ask them to do this

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Are you stuck, undecided about something you need to do or deal with?

Grab a piece of paper (or open up your note-taking app) and answer jot down the answers to the following questions:

Q1: What have you not yet said today, or done today, that you know that, if you say it or do it, that your life (or business) will move forwards dramatically?

Q2: How are you going to be losing out today by not doing / saying that / dealing with that issue?

Q3: How’s that going to effect you over the next couple of weeks / months?

Q4: And what about over the next six / twelve months?

Then, walk with me for a moment; take yourself in your mind’s eye to a place about twelve month’s from now & ask yourself …

Q5: “How do I feel about leaving those things un-done, not dealt with for a whole year?”

the lightbulb moment

Notice how it feels like.

Listen to what you tell yourself.

See how you’re living, what work you’re doing, how your relationships are shaping up.

Q6: How does that feel to you, now you know what your future’s going to be?

Q7: And now you’ve seen that, the future that your current path’s going to take you to, what’s the first two things you can do to begin to steer your life in a better direction, one that doesn’t hit those rocks, but one that takes you to the sunnier islands of plenty?

If you’re ready to, post your answers to the questions below (or you can email me if you prefer) & I’ll give you some further bespoke questions & work with you to help you shape your destiny, to help you fashion a creation you’ll be amazed that you’re living it.