Where in your life are you underselling yourself?

I had an interesting session recently with a stop smoking client, which showed how easy it is for us to not realise how powerful we really are.

Yes, the client had come to me for help in stopping smoking, but they’d commented that they’d always light up before and after a long flight, something over twelve hours for example.

Twelve hours!

What this client hadn’t recognised, until I pointed out, was that in the last seven days I’d been working with clients who had such a fear of flying that they’d be lucky to manage twelve minutes!

Let alone twelve hours.

Makes you think, doesn’t it.

So this client was feeling bad that they couldn’t stop smoking, but had totally missed the fact that to them a twelve hour flight was just something they could do without any concerns whatsoever.

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So let me ask you, where are YOU underselling yourself?

Where might you be telling yourself you can “only” do X whilst doing Y but not acknowledging that many people wouldn’t or couldn’t do that Y thing for a million pounds?

The fact is we are all awesome … & a lot of my work is focused upon helping my clients to realise just how awesome they are … & then help them to become even more awesomer (Not sure if that’s a real word, it is now!)

If you’d like to explore how more your life could become, or where perhaps you’re holding yourself back or playing small rather than large, contact me for a conversation that could well change your life forever (yes, I’m that good!)