Who else wants to stop smoking this month?

Are you a smoker who wants to quit?

Have you tried to stop smoking tobacco or cannabis?

Have those attempts failed, perhaps with you feeling grumpy, angry or turning to food?

Would you like to finally & permanently quit smoking for good?

If you’re serious about wanting to quit (even if you don’t believe you can do it!) then get in touch.

Most stop smoking clients WANT to quit, but don’t BELIEVE they can, and that’s the reason I developed my HypnoQuit Programme.


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It’s stacked & packed with all the latest and best about how our minds work, so we can get you back onto the non-smoking side of the street.

Interested? Want to wake up without needing a cigarette? Like to no longer have to keep sneaking out of buildings to have a smoke?

PM or call & I’ll give you the honest no-BS answers to any questions you have (and most smokers have a few!).

Let’s get your health back on track again.

“Just want to express our thanks to you for stopping smoking for 6 months with no feelings or urges to smoke. Long may it continue. Thanks again. Mr & Mrs S Peterborough.”

Lots of testimonials available for you to see when you attend.