Who else wants to stop smoking this week?

Do you want to stop smoking? Have you tried to do quit previously but weren’t successful? Would you like to make THIS TIME the one that works for you?

I regularly see clients who want to quit, often after having tried the ‘usual suspects’ of the stop smoking process, tablets, lozenges, sprays, patches, willpower (don’t get me started on that one!) or by trying to cut down the amount of cigarettes they smoke each day.

In the long term these approaches don’t give a smoker what they really want, which is a PERMANENT break in the old patterns around smoking, so that you don’t even think about smoking any longer.

This is why I developed my HypnoQuit Stop Smoking Programme, which utilises the most recent advances in the understanding around how & why habits are formed & more importantly, how we can change them.

For most client’s it takes just one session to become a non-smoker & I include a 24 month Quit-Support Programme, which means that if there’s any ‘slips’ & you start smoking again you can come back to see me again, for no extra charge & we’ll deal with that for you. (I’ll explain why this can sometimes happen when we speak).

So if you or someone you care about smokes and that’s something you want to get sorted, call or contact me today for a chat.

The results are truly life changing.


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