Why you should stop smoking cigarettes

If you’re a smoker you’ve most probably already heard various reasons for quitting, well, you ain’t quit yet, have you – so I’m going to repeat a few of them here!

Question: Do you have any idea as to the type and amount of chemicals you’re breathing into your body when you smoke?

Not just the obvious ones, they are tobacco and nicotine, but all of the others many too.

And how long has the medical profession, and your country’s government known that tobacco is directly linked to causing cancer – and refused to stop its sale?

The data are all here, for you to hear and listen to.

Ignore at your peril, literally.

Whatever your age and however many times you’ve tried to quit before – and even if you’ve never tried to quit in the past, this time can be the one and only time you need.

Let’s make today the day you commit to stopping smoking

I want to Stop Smoking this week

I help long-term smokers to quickly and easily get back to being a non-smoker again.

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