Will hypnosis or coaching work if I’m not good with English?

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Many people delay find out about hypnosis coaching due to their English skills. It’s as if they’re concerned that their English skills might let them down in coaching or hypnotherapy.

When I hear this I’m frustrated – frustrated because from working with many hundreds of clients, from a selection of countries – and I know that for the vast majority their English language skills were not a barrier to their success in the process.

Maybe you learnt English when you were older, perhaps studying English as a second language (EOSL)?

If you have things on your mind that trouble you, but you’re confused as to whether you’d be able to work with an English speaking hypnotherapist or coach you’ll find I answer these questions and more in this video .

If English isn’t your first language and so you’re concerned as to whether hypnosis or coaching in English would ‘work’ for you, then the comments below and video will help.

The TLDR message is: Yes, It Will.

I live in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and as with many towns and cities in the UK, we have a very cosmopolitan mix of people living in the area.

Many of the people have moved in during the last few years from out of the UK and have therefore had to learn to speak English as adults.

English as a Second Language (EOSL)

That’s a more difficult level of processing than when we learn languages as children, mainly because as children we process language differently.

However, many of those people who speak English as a second language (EOSL) can feel less confident than when using their mother tongue.

Talking to your hypnotherapist or coach

A good hypnotherapist or coach won’t try to bamboozle you or blind you with science and everything will be spoken in a clear and easily understandable way.

They’ll also avoid any colloquialisms or words or phrases that are too local and therefore confusing to someone who wasn’t born and bred in their area.

Once you realise that hypnosis and coaching will work for your if your English skills aren’t 100% you’ll be ready to progress to the next level.

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It’s like a having a conversation

Perhaps it’s because of the way hypnosis is presented in television shows or in the cinema but some people believe that a hypnotist will be controlling and attempt to ‘mesmerise’ them into doing whatever they want.

As if it’s all going to be swinging watches, deep stares and mind-power.

My approach, however, is very relaxed and conversational which means that so you’d find yourself being able to both enjoy and benefit from the process quite easily.

It should not be difficult for you to understand what is being said to you.

This is because your conscious mind, the ‘busy’ part that deals with all the day to day functioning will focus upon listening to the words, whilst your subconscious mind will process the meaning of those words at a deeper level.

A good hypnotherapist or coach will choose their words carefully and will pace their sentences so you’ll have sufficient time to listen to, and process all that is being said.

This is very useful since your subconscious mind has direct access to your deeper thoughts, feelings and beliefs and that’s where we’ll be working to help you to make the changes you desire.

Remembering your past in your mother tongue

Another related question I’m often asked is this:

“But if I remember something from my childhood, before I could speak English, how will I be able to talk to you about it?”

Client question

Many clients do find they recount memories from their childhood, or pre-English speaking past, however, their minds can easily express their feelings or memories using English.

Ask them to rephrase the question

If you’re ever stuck or confused, either by what you’re being asked or how to express your thoughts, ask for help.

It’s ok to request they rephrase any question and if you can explain what you’re thinking or feeling, “It’s like …” then I’m sure you’ll both be able to continue to do good work together.

Some other questions answered for you

I’ve also put together a selection of brief answers to some other questions that I’ve found many clients and prospective clients have asked about coaching and hypnosis – you can read those FAQ’s here.

introductory coaching hypnosis consultation

Experience coaching or hypnosis for yourself

Once you’ve answered the ‘hypnosis coaching English’ question then you’re ready to take the next step and experience this for yourself. I hold introductory consultations during which you can experience for yourself how you may benefit from this process.

Holding these online or by telephone means we can arrange this at a time that fits in with your schedulde.

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