Will quitting smoking cause you anxiety?

Many smokers have learnt to believe the ‘fact’ that “Quitting smoking will cause anxiety”.

It’s seen as one of those ‘truths’ that is sacrosant.

So how come every day smokers quit, without suffering anxiety?

“But if I quit smoking won’t that make my anxiety worse?”

Here’s a recent Facebook Live in which I explain more about how and why many smokers believe they’ll feel more anxious, or stay feeling anxious, when they quit smoking.

Not understanding the difference between what’s true and what you believe will keep you stuck for decades.

The connection between smoking and anxiety is overstated

Becoming a non-smoker is easier than you think

I’ve lost count of the amount of clients who were ‘sure’ they were addicted to smoking, but they were then able to easily quit smoking, without any of the problems all the other smokers ‘know’ that ‘every’ smoker will suffer.

It’s funny that.

Those who stay a smoker keep on telling others who want to quit that quitting smoking will cause anxiety, but when when smokers quit – CORRECTLY – there’s no anxiety to be found.

Odd, eh?

Perhaps there’s some misdirection going on.

If you’re a smoker you owe it to yourself to understand how flexible your mind is and how change really is possible, both instantly and permanently.

You’re still you, whether you smoke or not

By this I mean that if you’re a calm person who used to smoke, there’s a very strong possibility you’ll simply become a calm person who’s now a non-smoker.

And in a similar fashion, if you were until recently an anxious person who smoked you may well find that, once you’ve quit, you then become a non-smoker who sometimes feels anxious.

So you might see from this that smoking doesn’t ‘make’ someone anxious or not, however, it might mask some of those feelings.

And many ex-smokers find they feel so much better as a non-smoker that they develop new and better ways of dealing with those issues that used to trouble them previously.

So your anxiety may reduce or disappear of it’s own accord – and if not there are some very simply steps you can follow to minimise or reduce its impact on your life.

I want to Stop Smoking this week

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