You can quit smoking with HypnoQuit Hypnosis

So you’re “on the fence” perhaps about quitting smoking.

Maybe you’re wondering whether HypnoQuit hypnosis is really going to help you.

If so then I want to tell you now, that once you’ve quit you should still be able to do the same things you used to do when you were a smoker, it’s just that you might not want to any more.

So read on to discover what’s included in your personal HypnoQuit® stop smoking programme – it’s designed to help you to quit and you’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t think of doing this years ago.

Tailored to fit with YOUR requirements

Following many years of experience and many hundreds of hours spent helping clients to quit smoking I have developed the HypnoQuit® stop smoking programme which incorporates these five special elements:

1. A pre-appointment questionnaire

You will be sent a a pre-appointment questionnaire to complete and bring along to your appointment which will identify your own reasons to quit and triggers that make you smoke, so as to ensure the HypnoQuit® procedure best fits your needs.

2. A detailed review of your smoking history and previous attempts to quit

I will take a detailed review of your smoking history and I’ll provide you with a full explanation about how this powerful hypnotic procedure will help you to break free from any old triggers so as to ensure you will quit.

3. A personalised deep hypnosis session

During your personalised 60 minute appointment you’ll benefit from deep and powerful hypnotic techniques to enable you to rid yourself of the old habit of smoking.

This process will also install positive reinforcement for the new, non-smoking you, focused specifically upon your reasons to quit and previous smoking triggers.

4. Direct follow-up

You’ll have direct access to me by text, email or telephone if you feel the need to discuss anything related to your quitting smoking.

5. Twelve months quit support guarantee

The vast majority of clients I work with quit successfully after this single, powerful session.

However, I also include a further 60 minute appointment, at up to 12 months after your first appointment, in the unlikely event that something happens in your life which may prompt your smoking habit to return.

Very few ex-smoker clients ever require this, however, I’ll explain I include this why I include this as a courtesy, during your HypnoQuit® appointment.

Remember that your HypnoQuit® appointment will be personalised to your EXACT needs, incorporate DEEP hypnosis and comes with a 12 month Quit Support Follow-Up Guarantee.

I want to Stop Smoking this week

Stop smoking and save over £2,700 per year for the rest of your life

If you’re currently smoking about one pack a day your habit’s costing you over £2,700 per year, so at the very least you’re going to start saving an amazing amount of money when you quit, along with an improved quality of life, health and self-esteem.

Prepare to feel GREAT about what you can achieve – becoming a non-smoker with the help of HypnoQuit®.

HypnoQuit® has been designed from the ground up to help you to quit.

I have taken the best elements from all the different stop smoking techniques I have studied stripped them down to just the best, most effective elements, and from those I have created my HypnoQuit® stop smoking programme.

It’s great, fast and effective.  Because it’s personalised and tailored to YOUR reasons for smoking along with YOUR triggers you find make you want to smoke, most people find that after the first appointment they become a happy non-smoker – and I never speak to them again.

However, some clients find having the extra ‘just in case’ support I have built into the programme beneficial since some find it hard to believe, at the start, that they can quit, with HypnoQuit®.

It’s there just in case something happens in their life that catches them off-guard and they need a little more support – I’ve got your back, in case you need me.

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I want to Stop Smoking this week

Myths and lies about stopping smoking with hypnosis

There are very many myths and lies about trying to stop smoking, so let’s get a few of those out of the way once and for all:

  • Yes, you’ll still be able to socialise with smokers, if you want to
  • If you used to go down the pub for a few drinks, stopping smoking won’t make you change that, if you don’t want to
  • Quitting smoking doesn’t mean you’ll start to overeat
  • Stopping smoking doesn’t mean you’ll put on weight
  • Becoming a non-smoker won’t make you have a short temper, become angry or start to swear all the time

There are a few other similar out of date beliefs – I’ll tell you about them when you attend for your appointment.

Stop killing yourself – Choose HypnoQuit® Today

All smokers realise that they’re effectively paying paying favourite tobacco company a lot of cash so you can die a hideous death – and that, my friend, needs to stop TODAY!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to swap over to e-sigs, since that’s really replacing one habit with another.

Wouldn’t it be better for your long-term health and self-confidence (and bank balance!) to quit both cigarettes and e-sigs for good?

I want to Stop Smoking this week

I can help you to quit

If you choose to work with Charles Stevenson at Hypnotherapy in Peterborough I can assure you that we will be using the most modern hypnosis techniques to provide you with the best possible chance to quit.

The HypnoQuit® Stop Smoking Programme will help you to finally QUIT the habit!

Hypnosis can be a most effortless, relaxing and calming way to enable you to become a non-smoker.

With hypnosis it’s possible that someone like you, a regular, long-term smoker could find themselves being able to stop smoking easily without any of the following:

  • no e-sigs or electronic cigarettes
  • no patches
  • no sprays
  • no inhalers
  • no gum
  • no lozenges or sweets
  • no microtabs

Each of those methods keeps you stuck in the belief that your body wants nicotine.

I want to Stop Smoking this week

With HypnoQuit®, however, you could find yourself breaking free from that old smoking habit without needing to use any of those temporary crutches.

Once you realise this you’ll find that it could be very easy to stop smoking with hypnosis because it’s:

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Has no need to rely just upon willpower
  • Doesn’t cause weight gain
  • HypnoQuit® can help with a variety of smoked substances
  • The HypnoQuit® stop smoking process can also help people stop smoking cannabis
stop smoking and change your life

Includes special follow-up support package

Before contacting me many of my stop smoking clients had already many different ways to quit but for various reasons they were unsuccessful and so they continued to smoke.

Perhaps you too are thinking, “This won’t work for me”, which is why I created my Hypnquit® quit support package.

All HypnoQuit® stop smoking clients are entitled to up to two further follow-up appointments for the single stop smoking fee payment.

Rather than simply repeat what we’ve already done in the first session, those up to two subsequent sessions will be used to explore further the reasons why you want to quit, and also your reasons to stay a smoker, since I can’t make you stop and you need to be fully committed to the process for it to happen.

I don’t to fill my diary up with unnecessary follow-up sessions, but do offer this to give my want-to-quit clients peace of mind that HypnoQuit® will work for them.

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I want to Stop Smoking this week